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Maximum Rhythm

Adding a little mix to your day...

The Mini Mix Factory has crafted an age-old art form and developed it into a wonderful creation that delivers a new way to enjoy music as well as deliver multiple methods of adding to the bottom line. With our new creation, we offer Maximum Rhythm.

Maximum Rhythm is the next wave of music enjoyment. The programming of Maximum Rhythm consists of pre-produced mini mixes. The mini mixes come in four (4) variations (2-song, 3-song, 4-song & 5-song mixes). The Mini Mix Factory currently has a 10,000+ selection music library made up of mini mixes.

So, enjoy the non-stop flow of music from Maximum Rhythm. You will discover a new way to enjoy your favorite songs, artists… music. As you take Maximum Rhythm around with you, you’ll find it to give you a musical advantage - adding a little mix to your day.

What’s New?

Fleetwood Mac
Jennifer Lopez
Bruno Mars
Kelly Rowland f Lil Wayne
Beyonce f Jay-Z
Justin Bieber f Big Sean
Lady Gaga
Bruno Mars